Young Black Siblings Use Musical Talent to Raise Money for Homeless

Written by Jae Jones

A family of young African-American siblings have teamed up to raise money for homeless people living in the streets. Lauren, Ashleigh, and started studying music when they were just tots. Now, the violinists and cellist have put their musical talent together and thought of a way to help others. The trio came up with the idea when they moved from New Jersey to New York and saw so many people living on the streets. It was a visual that stuck they couldn’t forget and made them want to do something from the heart for the homeless.


“I saw [the homeless people] on the street and I felt sad for them,” Christian, 9, told PEOPLE. The children moved to New York with their parents, Zenobia and Keith Conner.”

Mom expressed that from the moment they arrived in the city, Christian wanted to help the less fortunate. The young cellist would ask mom for money to give to the homeless. After a while mom told Christian “If you want to give some money to the homeless, then go out there and play your cello.”

So far, the musicians have raised nearly $500. The kids plan to give the money to the homeless once they raise a large amount. But Ashleigh says that her little brother is eager to help out as soon as he can.


Ashleigh, one of the older sister said, “Christian gets sad when he cannot help the homeless.  So he’s like, I really need that money,” according to  Lauren and Ashleigh have studied for most of their lives under Aimee Morrill Briant of Mine Hill, New Jersey. All three are also part of The Chamber Music Center of New York, a non-profit organization dedicated to the performance and promotion of chamber music in the city.





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