You Can’t Get a Cab in “New York City,” It Just Might Be Because You’re Black

Written by Jae Jones


If you are and have tried to get a cab in New York, but watched them roll past you, only to pick up the White person, there is good reason. The reason is you “might” be being discriminated based on race and color. Apparently, cabbie Baqir Raza has wanted nothing to do with Black people in or their money in his car.

According to the Associated Press, Cynthia Jordan, an accounting executive, and her adult & teen daughters, were trying to get to a family birthday party when they spotted Raza’s cab in Midtown Manhattan. The testified at an administrative trial that the cab’s “available” light was on, but Raza told them he was going off duty. Raza then proceeded to pick up two White women just about 25 feet down the block. “Are you kidding me?” Jordan ran up and exclaimed, adding some coarse language out of anger, she testified.” “When someone just doesn’t want to pick you up because of what you look like, it’s not a good thing for my daughter to see,” she testified. “To have to deal with things like this is not right.”

Raza told the rights agency in a written response that the White women simply got in when another rider got out. Now, for Raza’s poor choices and act of racism he might have to pay a big hefty fine of $25,000. Raza had this to say reported the Associated Press, “It is unfair that I am in this current situation because of something I personally had no control over.”

However, according to a filing earlier in the case. But his own trip log showed the drop-off and pickup were about two minutes apart, and he admitted violating city taxi rules against unjustly refusing passengers and paid a $200 fine, Kramer noted. There have been complaints about race-based taxi refusals for some time now, “Lethal Weapon” actor Danny Glover filed a 1999 complaint with New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission saying several available cabs had passed him by. Hundreds of cabbies were accused of refusing passengers based on race, gender or other improper factors in a subsequent undercover crackdown. Just last year, the taxi commission in Washington, D.C., launched a similar effort and said 84 passengers were improperly turned away.


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