Why are Black Women Magnets for White Billionaires?

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By Evette D. Champion

If you’ve been paying attention to those wealthy men in the tabloids, you may have noticed that more and more of them opt to have a dark skinned woman on their arm. Ah… But this is not something new. If you look back through history, you would be surprised to see men in power choosing women from African descent.

There are numerous well-to-do men who have made African-American women their wives, some of which include Robert DeNiro, David Bowie, Wolfgang Puck, and even Roget Ebert.

But why?

According to Ben Horowitz, an author, blogger, businessman, and investor, it is because “they [ women] are loyal and guard your interests. Black wives are for grown-ups.” Of course since his statement has gotten negative attention, he has since disavowed the statement.

But whether you find the statement offensive or not, could there be some truth to it? Don’t count on it.

Black women are loyal? Yes, and some would argue that women from all ethnicities are loyal too. Let’s not forget that there are some disloyal women too—from all ethnicities. If you find the right woman, she will “guard your interests” like they are her own, no matter the color of her skin. These kinds of statements do a disservice to all women, simply because they single one group out from another.

The Internet has made it much easier for these stories to become mainstream. You may recall a time when Black men came under fire for preferring women with lighter complexions. This controversy in the news ended relatively quickly, as the men who were “guilty” of this were generally entertainers, athletes, and very few businessmen. Now, it is just a reverse situation.

But there is no doubt, the ideal woman that most billionaires are taking as wives are Black—a trend that will not end any time soon.




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