We All Know There’s No Celebration Like a “Carolina Panthers'” Celebration

Written by Jae Jones
Carolina Panthers have been celebrating all season, and it does not seem as if they are going to let up anytime soon. If you are one of those who have been waiting for an apology from them for their celebratory actions caught in the spotlight, your waiting just might be in vain. It’s just in the Panthers blood to celebrate and then celebrate some more. They have been celebrating achievements long before they knew they were heading to Super Bowl 50, it’s just who they are and who they plan to keep on being unapologetic for loving the game and embracing themselves.
Ideally in the league, players are reserved in public and usually celebrate their achievements out of the spotlight. However, that is not how Carolina Panthers celebrate. The Panthers believe in having fun, giving their fans something to watch, and embracing their blackness.
Panthers’ players acknowledge that they are having fun just being free to be themselves. They refuse to be molded by the league. On Sunday, the Panthers have a chance to do something historic. If they win the Super Bowl, they will be the third team ever to go 18-1 and go all the way. But, regardless of the outcome of the game on Sunday, it has been fun watching the team celebrate their achievements and dance their way to Super Bowl 50.





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