Video: Project C, The African-American Children’s March of 1963 Against Segregation

Written by Jae Jones

During the spring of 1963 children banned together in Birmingham, Alabama to fight against segregation. The influential campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement began, and would be known as , or The Birmingham Campaign. It was a series of encounters with young Americans and the White people who were fighting to keep segregation. There would be lunch counter sit-ins, marches on City Hall, and boycotts on merchants. In response from the White official there would be a significant amount of arrests, firefighters called in to water hose these young children down, and police dogs turned on men, women, and children. However, desegregation would begin to slowly take place over the next few months coupled with violent attacks from angry segregationists, including the bombing of sixteenth street church that killed four young girls. Learn more about the time and period in Birmingham, Alabama by watching the video.

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