Twerking Aint New, Check Out Woman From 1930’s

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Attractive with plenty of personality and versatility, dancer Consuela Harris was the sensational and considered best of the shake, hot, swinging dancers in the 1930s. Consuela was a New York headliner and the darling of the night club patrons and crowds in the East and West who raved over her charm and artistry. She performed at the famous Sebastian’s Cotton Club in California and other New York highlights. She was one of the rare dancers who told a story with her dancing. Flexible and graceful she was. Consuela appeared showing off her dancing talents in two Oscar Micheaux films, “Swing” from 1938 and God’s Stepchildren also from 1938. She was also in the movie, “Harlem on the Prairie” with Herb Jeffries. Hopefully more info will surface on this great dancer.

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