Top 5 Historically Black Colleges

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By Evette D. Champion

Ever since the 19th century, there have been numerous institutions of higher learning that have been dedicated to students. These schools would be known as historically black colleges and universities. There are over 100 colleges or universities that claim to be HBCUs (historically black colleges and/or universities).

Based on average SAT and ACT scores of new students enrolling to the institution, here are the top five schools. Mind you, all of the HBCUs that are listed in the extensive list found on are known for their academic prowess as well as the school’s commitment to encouraging their students ambitions.

Morehouse College

This Atlanta, Georgia college is a private, historically black college for men that focuses on liberal arts. The institution prepares the students who wish to pursue leadership  and service roles, and offer programs like business administration and economics, humanities and social sciences, as well as science and math.

Howard University

Howard University is located in Washington, DC and it is known for their emphasis on educating their students culture. Not only are their programs top notch, but the school is dedicated to finding and keeping faculty who goes above and beyond. Fun fact: the school has the world’s most concentrated number of African American scholars.

Spelman College

Another college from Atlanta, Georgia, this school is the oldest HBCU for female students. In 1881, the school was started as a Baptist female seminary, and today there are approximately 2,100 women in the process of studying subjects that range from biochemistry to world languages and literature. The school is dedicated to maintaining its role as one of the global leaders of educating women whose decedents hail from Africa. There are over 70 student organizations, some of which include historically black sororities such as Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta.

Fisk University

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Fisk University was founded in 1866—not too long after the end of the Civil War. The university is dedicated to shaping their students into civil leaders who are intellectual as well as artistic. Some notable alumni include W.E.B. Du Bois and Mathew Knowles (he just isn’t Beyonce’s father, but he is the CEO of World Music Entertainment).

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Originally founded in 1887, Florida A&M was originally called the State Normal College for Colored Students. Today, the school is a land-grant university and research institution that is committed to their historic mission to educate African Americans.



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