Thumbs Up To Obamacare! Numbers Show America’s Uninsured Rate Below 10%

Written by Jae Jones

There were a lot of skeptics when it came to . However, statistics show that the first time in more than 50-years of statistics being put out, the CDC reported that more than 90 percent of Americans—90.8 percent of us, have the health care insurance coverage we need. This was the first time in many decades that the uninsured rate in America hit single digits.  The information was given by the National Health Interview Survey, which the CDC has been conducting for over 50 years. Although, the questions change up a bit sometimes, the answers this year did not change.

The common denominator is the Affordable Care Act’s push for the expansion of coverage, which kicked in over two years ago. According to Forbes, “nearly 16 million fewer Americans were uninsured in early 2015 compared to 2013. And based on past precedent, there’s every expectation that the uninsured rate will continue to go down as enrollment in the ACA exchanges and Medicaid keeps going up.”


Usually the CDC releases data on the uninsured rate throughout the year, and just this past Wednesday the results were based on surveys conducted between January and March of 2015. Since it is not a complete year of information, it is considered the early release report from the CDC. “And last year’s equivalent early-release report, which surveyed Americans between January and March 2014, found that 13.1% of Americans were uninsured at the time. But after a full year’s worth of 2014 data, the number of uninsured was down to 11.5%.” (Forbes, 2015)

Also, for states that had not expanded Medicaid the rates were at about 23 percent for those who are under the age of 65, and for the states who had expanded Medicaid insurance the rates were well down to 17 percent. That shows a big drop in numbers.

However, there are some statistics that have not been reported such as the rate for the uninsured poor Americans is still high. Poor Americans have a rate of about 28 percent and 24 percent for those who are near poor are still without coverage, versus 7.5 of Americans who were not poor. However, you cannot forget that many people are also getting private health plans as well.


There are other surveys that have their own statistics. So, this is just one approach at what Care has done, other surveys might not have the same numbers. It is important to know that different surveys use different questions and procedures to get answers. However, for now until new numbers come out that suggest otherwise looks like the American people are finally getting the coverage they need. More people are able to go to doctors, and take care of their health. Having more insured customers is actually a good thing for hospitals now. Read more.


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