Three of History’s Greatest Black Boxers

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Written by Tinaya Sallie

Boxing on a whole has always been a very competitive sport. It takes discipline, lots of training like any other sport that anybody wants to succeed. But there’s more, it really takes a lot of you mentally and physically seeing that you have to when, where and how to punch. There many greats who blazed trails in this growing sport and the debate of who is the best will be one of those that will continue for years to come. With that said, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of history’s greatest boxers to enter the ring.

Muhamad Ali56 wins (37 KO) 5 losses

Ali is without a doubt one of if not the best boxing phenomenon to set foot into the ring. His trash talk, fake punches and comical shuffles made by far the best entertainer in the unprecedented sport. However, things did not come easy for him, seeing that he was stripped of his heavyweight title, ridiculed and imprisoned because he refused to fight in Vietnam on his religious beliefs. He along with a few other African-American boxed bashed America about their treatment of black people, yet still they are expected to turn up and fight like all is well with the world. Because of his famous one liner, “No Vietcong ever called me n****r” and many other events amendments were made that there will longer any mandatory drafting for US citizens. He went through the ranks and came back victorious and avenged every loss he had, including one his most memorable fight with the unstoppable Big George Foreman whom he defeated. At this point, it was settled he was the greatest hands down.

Joe Louis66 wins (52 KO) 3 losses

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joe louis

The lights of such grace and sheer brilliance on the mat will never be seen again. Also known as “The Brown Bomber”, Louis was boxing in the World War era where bloodshed was quite common yet he managed to prevail against all the obstacles thrown at him. He sent a powerful checkmate through the German ranks at Hitler when he toppled Germany’s Max Schmeling with a brutal knockout in the first round, after being beaten by him on a previous occasion. The image of Nazi invincibility was now shattered and Louis became a figure that was larger than the sport. People would be stuck listening eagerly to their radios and erupt in the streets with celebrations on his many victories. He became the first African-American hero for all blacks, whites and Americans on a whole.

Sugar Ray Robinson173 wins (109 KO) 19 losses 2 no contests

sugar ray robinson

sugar ray robinson

Sugar Ray was arguably the best mixture of boxing skill that could be found in one man and this saw him going on to be considered the greatest pound-for-pound boxer ever. Separate and apart from his devastating KO punches, his lightning-fast foot work in the ring and his solid chin, Robinson was quite a remarkable character overall. So much so that even Muhammad Ali along with few of the great around held him in high regard. He was the unprecedented heavyweight champion five times and racked quite a number of famous victories along the way, in which he defeated Hall of Famers such as Rocky Graziano, Kid Gavilan and the renowned Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta. He had a certain finesse about him equally matched his impressive talent in the ring and will always remain in the top five among the greatest.


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