The Importance of the Black Father and Son Relationship

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black boys.  As a matter of fact this may very well save a life your son’s life.  We all have read the negative statistics associated with black males being reared without their fathers. We know that the jails are full of fatherless black men and why they are there.

So instead of talking stats let’s talk about the simplistic needs that the black  male child requires.  From the time a black boy is born he is faced with challenges that others may never experience.  Some will automatically mark him as a thug, lazy and no good simply because of the color of his skin.

In order to deal with these challenges young men will need someone to guide them in the right direction. They will need someone that has walked in their shoes and understands what they will face.  Everyone is not in the position to do this.  His white coach, mentor and stern, but loving mother may mean well, but they cannot fully relate because they will never walk in their shoes. They will never encounter their unique dilemmas.

When boys are maturing they are searching for someone to look up to.  Black boys are no different.  They are seeking a hero.  These heroes should not be sports figures, rappers or sadly enough drug dealers.  The hero should be you.

When a male grows up without his father he is missing a very important element that goes into making him a man.   This is not to take anything away from single mothers raising their sons or from other men that have graciously stepped in, but a son needs his father.  It is just that simple.

Brothers imagine the sadness in your son’s eyes when he can’t attend a Father and Son luncheon because you are not there.  Can you feel his pain as his mother tells him that she has no idea where you’re at and that she has not seen you since he was an infant?

Where will you be when he has questions that only a man can answer?  We mothers raise our boys as best as we can.  But we really don’t want to do it alone?  Regardless of what you may have heard.


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