Stand By Her Man: Camille Cosby Believes That Women Accusing Her Husband Were Willing Participants

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by Renata Johnson

According to the New York Post, Camille Cosby is standing by her man, Bill Cosby. Although, she knows about his philandering and cheating ways, she believes that the women accusing Cosby of drugging them in order to have sex, were willing participants. Even after hearing parts of the deposition that came out with Cosby admitting to purchasing Quaaludes to slip to the women in order to bed them, Camille Cosby is still standing firm in her beliefs, that her husband is not guilty!

Recently, Mrs. Cosby revealed to a friend “that the women and now the media are portraying Bill Cosby as a bad guy, a monster.” There is no doubt in her mind, her husband is not an outright rapist. Those who watch Camille Cosby with her husband can tell that she is a proud woman with dignity.
At 71, Camille Cosby is still the business manager of her husband. She is constantly back and forth meeting with advisers and lawyers to find out what needs to be done to handle the ordeal. Mrs. Cosby’s concern is also the name that she has built with her husband to make him well-known. Mrs. Cosby told a visiting couple at their home in Shelburne Falls, Mass, “She created him, she knew what she was getting into and together they will have to fix it.”

Sources have also revealed that Camille Cosby is hurt by the people who have jumped bail on supporting Mr. Cosby. Jill Scott, who once called Bill Cosby her mentor took to Twitter to let out her frustration after the disposition was revealed. Jill Scott confessed she was wrong for believing him. It hasn’t stopped at Jill Scott. Jimmy Walker from the sitcom “Good Times” now references Mr. Cosby as the O.J Simpson of comedy.

Although Camille Cosby was well aware of her husband affairs with other women. She gave up being embarrassed years ago. According to the New York Post’s source, Camille Cosby was allowing her husband to do the things that he wanted to do, she holds no animosity or ill will over the whole ordeal. She has made so many sacrifices for her husband to have his career. However, in the past Camille Cosby has reached out for the advice of others concerning the baggage in her life, but has always been led back to remaining in the relationship with her husband.

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