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Samples have been part of hip-hop longer than, well, anything else. Samples and rhymes are literally the two components hip-hop music was built on. Ever since the late 70s and the introduction of sample beat making block parties, using a samples to create hip-hop music has been forever an authentic part of the culture. The tradition is so deeply rooted in the genre that even in today’s game, not having a sample on a song is a rarity.

A “sample” or “sampling” is using a portion of an already existing song to create a new one. The sample can literally be any part of the original including instrumentation, vocals, drops, melodies etc. etc. You know when you hear high pitched vocals on the chorus of a song and wonder to yourself: “who is singing that?” Well friends, that is probably an old 1960s R&B song that was a million times slower. it can literally flip the feel of the song 180 degrees in the matter of seconds. The power of samples is endless.

But even though rappers and producers have hundreds of millions of songs to choose from, there are 5 songs that they sample more than all the rest. Different rappers and producers have used different parts of the song to create their own unique sample but either way you slice it, they are pretty perfect songs to use for no matter what type of track you’re trying to make. To without further ado, here are the 5 most sampled songs in hip-hop history.

5.  Funky President – James Brown

This one is fairly psychedelic and “groovy” but you can tell right off the bat that it has massive sample potential. As soon as those opening few beats ride in, I can visualize a decent amount of songs that also have the exact same starting portion. The most famous sample user is Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth on ‘Anger In The Nation’ but other than that, it has been used by rappers over 370 times. Just try and tell me those vocals aren’t perfect for the chorus on one of your favorite rapper’s album cuts.


4.  La Di Da Di – Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick 

This song may be all over the place but regardless, it still makes for a great sample. The song has drops, beats, rhymes, sounds and whistles all throughout the entirety of the song which really is a sampler’s paradise. Why? Because you have so much to choose from. You could use the beginning vocals, or Doug E. Fresh’s beatbox or even the little melodic group rhymes at the end. Perhaps the most famous sample of this song can be heard on a Biggie song. can you guess which one?

3.  Impeach The President – The Honey Drippers

I don’t even need to explain this one. As soon as you hear the first 15 seconds, you will not only think you are listening to ‘I Can’ by Nas but also the 457 other songs that have used this song to sample. If someone wanted to know what a “classic” hip-hop beat sounded like, I would probably show them those first 15 seconds.

2.  Funky Drummer – James Brown

Mr. Brown is just the sample God. This song is another one that has “hip-hop” written all over it. I’m starting to think that James Brown was lowkey the founding father of rap music. This particular song has been sampled over 500 times and for good reason. Sure, it has a simple sound – but with the right production skills, you can flip this beat into anything you want. The most recent use of the song was probably on ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’. Definitely put to good use.

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