Rewinding Black: New Black Television Drama to Appear in 2016 “Underground”

Written by Jae Jones

We all know that is something that most people do not like to talk about, yet it is a permanent mark in the history of the United States. There have been many movies, series and shows that have touched on slavery, but yet the topic is still sore for many. It is a topic that not too many people know how to approach, or feel uncomfortable openly discussing. The new television series coming to WGN America in 2016, “Underground,” is set to explore this often overlooked part of history.

A look at some cast members who are set to be in the film are Jurnee Smollett-Bell,(Rosalee) Aldis Hodge, (Noah), and Jussie Smollett (Josey), who will be a guest star. The Underground takes place before the Civil War in 1857.  The story line follows a young slave name Noah (Hodge). Noah is an intelligent and resourceful young man he plans to escape from his Plantation. As he puts his plan into motion there is so much he has to do, and very little people who can turn to. Smollet-Bell play the part of a house slave, who is internally strong, but shy. Their master, Tom Macon, is as mean and ruthless as they come, he won’t hesitate to bring anyone down who tries to cross him.

It is expected that the strong suit of the television drama is; it will bring knowledge about the escape plans that were used, social, moral, and the political complexities that existed. Not too many people know about William Still, it is because of him that a lot of documentation about the slaves exist today. The drama is to educate people also on how phrases and songs were used among the slaves to communicated. Hopefully, the drama will also educate people so they will better understand that the Underground Railroad was not a train station with people waiting to get on the train to head north. The series is expected to appear on WGN America in 2016.



New television Drama ‘Underground’ Explores the Importance of Underground Railroad

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