Queen Tiye: Queen Mother of Egypt for Over 50-Years

Written by Jae Jones

Queen Tiye was born in Nubia and was the Great Royal wife of Amenhotep III, and the mother of Amenhotep IV. She was also the mother-in-law to Nefertiti. Queen Tiye was prestigious during the reign of the 18th dynasty. She held great influence as Queen Consort and Queen Mother of Egypt over a fifty-year period.

She married at an early age, Amenhotep loved her fiercely and admired her and displayed his feelings lavishly by building temples and massive statues where she sits by him as an equal. Queen Tiye and the Pharaoh Amenhotep lived at Malkata where she gave birth to two sons and four daughters. After the death of their son Thutmosis, Amenhotep IV was named heir to the throne. Although, Queen Tiye believed in the traditional polytheistic religion of Egypt, she fully stood by and supported by both her husband and son during their reign.

Queen Tiye died in her sixties and was buried in the Valley of Kings. At one time it was believed the mummy known as “Elder Woman” was thought to be that of Queen Tiye. It was supported by the fact that a hair sample from the mummy matched a lock of hair found in Tutankhamen’s (her reputed son/grandson) tomb. However, these findings are disputed primarily on the grounds that the mummy was much “younger” than Queen Tiye would have been when she died.



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