Probably Never in Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” Would She Think Her Video Would Be Called Racist

Written by Jae Jones

has definitely seen better days over her new videos. Her video “Wildest Dreams” is under fire for using a period in time in the video when Europeans were notably exploiting the continent. The video “Wildest Dreams” shows Swift portraying an actress filming a movie in Africa. However, the film moves on in time and Swift and her co-star fall madly in love on an African Safari. Although, many people feel the video is just that— a video that is an ode to Old Hollywood. (At one time there were only films shot in Africa with all white-only casts.) However, other people do not seem to think so. Some people think that the music video actually romanticizes 1950s colonial Africa; a period of time when there was nothing glamorous or romantic for many of people who “actually” called Africa home.

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It just might be the timing of the music video, with the many race related situations that have been taking place. It seems that Swift’s producers and directors would have known there would be backlash towards this type of video. Most people are going to see it as just wrong to film a video during a period of time when people were hungry, dying, and being forced out of their homes. However, maybe the filming producers knew exactly what they were doing. After all, the proceeds generated from the video are going to the wildlife in Africa—but no not the people themselves.

Of course, people are going to talk about the video, and shed the light on what they feel is the truth about the video. Black Twitter again will have its say in the matter. The video just proves a fact that people still do not get it about respecting certain cultures and what they have gone through in the past. Had research been done thoroughly, about the specific period of time, there might not be a need for producers to be explaining the making of the video. However, the big question most people still want the answer to is “where are the Black people in the video?”  No excuses!

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