Oregon Still Deemed as One of the Most Racist States in America

Written by Jae Jones

Oregon, or what many people like to call it the “” has a deep past of that many people do not known about. However, some people say that it is not just the past but the present is very much filled with racism as well. So, just how long has the Pacific Northwest been this way? Racism actually dates back to 1859, when Oregon issued a statewide law that no person, not even a mixed person was allowed to live in the state.

The free state was the only state within the Union that was allowed to have such a law forbidding Blacks from living there. Eventually, the law was defied in Portland. Black businessmen W.D. Allen and George Moore opened the Golden West Hotel in 19o6, and it became the center of Black distinction and movement in the state. The hotel was one that was successful in the area but due to The Great Depression such as many businesses it closed its doors in 1931.

Another problem in the area was the Ku Klux Klan, the group had opened a chapter in the area, and were causing quite a stir among the people. They wanted the laws barring Blacks to be recognized, however, the law was removed from the books in 1926, but as with many other states racism ran deep in roots. The late U.S Sen. Mark Hatfield was a college student during that time in the city of Salem.

According to Black Web America, current residents say that Oregon’s racism persists today although it’s a lot more covert. Some say that housing discrimination, a dearth of Black people being hired for work, and racial profiling are hallmarks of the actions those residents have endured over the years. There are even records of Black Oregon homeowners being forced from their homes and not given new opportunities to own again. In a recent nationwide survey conducted by the Oklahoma Symposium of Racial Studies, researchers claim to have pinpointed the individual US cities that are most plagued by racism. You guessed it Oregon made the top of the list, and actually it was Portland, Oregon which might come as a shock to many people.

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