Interesting Fact: First Black Owned McDonald’s was in Chicago (1968)

Written by Jae Jones

Did you know that there is a National McDonald’s Operators Association (NBMOA)? The organization was established in 1972? NBMOA started as a self-help organization which was established for the improvement and betterment of each and every member. In 1968, of Chicago opened the first black owned McDonald’s franchise. After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. major cities like Chicago, Detroit, and LA were victims of arson and looting. African-Americans were fed up with the way they were being treated and the many injustices. Recognizing the need to address this problem, the McDonald’s Corporation offered a franchise to a black man, Herman Petty.



Roland Jones, who was the first African-American Field Consultant for McDonald’s worked closely with Petty to ensure he understood the store’s operations. By the end of 1969 there were as many as 12 Black owned and operated McDonald’s restaurants, in the Midwest. This sharing of business ideas, problems, and concerns eventually led to the formation of NBMOA. The National Black McDonald’s Owners Association (NBMOA) and McDonald’s USA have now partnered with UNCF to award scholarships to students interested in the hospitality industry.


The organization Chair and Ceo today is Robert Parrish, who has been with the company for 12 years. “We have continued to grow as an organization, keeping focus on our constituents and also working with the leadership of McDonald’s Corporation to continue to build brand McDonald’s. Additionally, we advocate for our African-American suppliers and African-American employees. By staying together, we will realize the dream that our forefathers envisioned: and organization of successful African-American entrepreneurs, who did not forget their humble beginnings.




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