Dr. Andrea Miller To Become 1st Female President At This Historically Black School

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By Marissa Johnson

Le Moyne-Owen College of Memphis, Tennessee recently announced its board of trustees had approve the appointment of Dr. Andrea Miller as president of the historically school. She is to be the first female president in that school’s history of over a hundred years.

The position opened as the current president announced he will be retiring this summer.

Miller is alumni of Le Moyne-Owen College and a native of Memphis, TN.

Le Moyne-Owen College has about 1,000 students. Over 60 % of the student population is female. So, having a female leader can really influence black women’s perceptions of themselves and their aptitude to achieve greatness.

Miller announced that she was “look[ing] forward to embracing my alma mater’s shining legacy and helping the institution evolve in today’s higher education marketplace.”

Dr. Miller is very qualified for the position. In addition to her master’s and Ph.D. degrees in cell and developmental biology, she has held leadership positions in academia over the last decade.

She has been the chancellor at two schools in Louisiana. These include Baton Rouge Community College and Sowella Technical Community College. She has also been the executive vice president at a Tennessee community college.

It is great that she decided to return in her native city. Too many people with great skills and assets to offer the black community leave their predominantly black cities in search of opportunities elsewhere. Dr. Miller left to get the experience she needed to affect change at her alma mater. This is truly commendable.

Why is it that she is the first woman at this historically black college? African Americans have been oppressed and marginalized and fought for equal rights. Therefore, it makes little sense that they would be reluctant to appoint a woman president. Nevertheless, she will make a great example to young black women at her college.


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