Do You Remember the Sensational Actress Kim Hamilton?

Written by Jae Jones

Do you remember the fascinating actress ? Hamilton was born Dorothy Mae Aiken on September 12, 1932, and she had a very extensive acting career. She was among the first women to appear on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and the only woman to appear in a speaking role on the show Leave It to Beaver. Hamilton was always known for being articulate and having a strong way with words.

Hamilton made her first professional acting debut in 1950 appearing in the sitcom, Amos ‘n’ Andy. She played the girlfriend of Andy on the show. She appeared in several television series and films throughout her career. Some show she appeared in included: Sanford and Son, In the Heat of the Night, Law & Order, The Thin Man, and many others. Hamiliton lived in London briefly, but after being denied a work permit, she returned to the United States. The denial of a work permit was a common practice used against American actors.

Hamilton was also an artist, director, and writer. In her final credits, she was credited as Kim Rousseau. She was married three times in her life and had two children. In December 2007, Hamilton was honored for her career achievements by Columbia University and the Harlem community at an event held at the Museum of the City of New York. Hamilton died on September 16, 2013 at the age of 81. Watch below how amazing Kim Hamilton was a few years before her death; she still possessed her strong articulate voice.

[brid video=”18862″ player=”3261″ title=”Kim Hamilton interview with Alan K. Rode Pt 1″]

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