Do You Remember Right On! Magazine, The “Hippest” Black Teen Publication Ever Printed Up Until 2011

Written by Jae Jones

Do you remember trying to dress like MC Hammer, or getting the hi-top fade like Kid for the group Kid-n-Play, or maybe just wanting to get the fierce attitude of Salt-N-Pepa. If so, then you most likely you were one of the millions of teens growing up in the era of . Buying and reading Right On! Magazine was the key to keeping up with your favorite celebrities.  There were quite a few magazines that were coming out around the time Right On! Magazine appeared but none catered to Black American teens like Right On!


The magazine focused on African-American celebrities, and was first published by the Laufer Company in 1972 and later Dorchester Media. Sections of the magazine included make-up tips, entertainment talk, and even a pen-pal section.   Everyone who was thinking about, or trying to break into the entertainment business was reading it. It was one of the best ways to keep up with the lives of your favorite entertainer, learn what they were eating, and how they were doing in their lives. It was a great way for a small town teen to dream big.  The first magazines talked a lot about the life of the Jackson 5 and Diana Ross. However, those were the hottest names in entertainment when the magazine first came out, and everyone was dying to know what it was like to be about of the Jackson 5 or to be Diana Ross.  The last magazine was published in 2011.



Right On!


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