Bronner Brothers (BB) Black Hair and Skin Products a Legacy That Lives On

Written by Jae Jones

In 1947, two brothers came together to launch one of the biggest and best selling hair and skin care products in the United States. Not only did they launch their products, but they paved away so that African Americans in the hair and skin care field could come together and share their skills and network learn about other products, technology and inventions.

Brothers, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr., and Arthur E. Bronner, Sr., opened their business in Marietta, Georgia. The two men with the help of their sister, Emma Bronner, first started teaching cosmetology at the local YMCA. Over 300 people came to their first hair show. Several prominent black leaders spoke at their shows over the years such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dick Gregory and Dr. Benjamin Mays. For the next 20-years the show was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel because of the size of their audience.

Nathaniel Bronner, Sr., made sure he trained his sons in the business so that the family legacy could be passed down through generations. The second generation Bronner took the over in 1993. Bernard Bronner took his seat as head of the company. Today, the show brings in over 30,000 participants. Hair professionals are able to enter the show to win money to help launch their new business as well as product lines by competing in the Hair Royale and Barber Battle Competitions. Participants can win as much as $20,



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