Black Twitter Explodes, Idris Elba, Called “Too Street” To Play James Bond

Written by Jae Jones

Anthony Horowitz, (author of “Trigger Mortis”) due out the 8th of September weighed in on his feelings about playing James Bond, and his comment caused  Twitter to explode. For the last past ten years the role of James Bond has been played by Daniel Craig. So, it made sense for him to be ready to pass the reigns down to a newer generation of actors. Fans loved the fact of the new Bond 007 being played by Idris Elba. It of course seemed like the ideal match, great fit and just perfect all the way around. Elba has played many roles such a drug-dealing businessman, detective, South African president (the late Nelson Mandela), and many other roles.


Fans have talked about the many possibilities of Elba in the role of James Bond. However, everyone seemed overly happy except for Anthony Horowitz who had some really surprising choice of words. Horowitz is the new author of the James Bond book series and he shared that Elba is “too street” to play a devious, womanizing and murderous spy.” According to his interview the DailyMail, he put it more like this “Elba simply is not “suave” enough for the role. (Atlanta Blackstar, 2015) Maybe, Horowitz just forgot that Elba was raised in the UK. Apparently, Horowitz has not seen too many movies Elba has starred in; Elba has had “suave” dripping from him in most of his past movies. Unfortunately, acting and roles seem to be about who is ethnic enough for certain roles in Hollywood instead of who is talented enough. Although Horowitz has apologize for the not so well-though out remark, the damage has been done. Twitter never forgets or forgives!


James Bond Author Claimed Idris Elba ‘Too Street’ to Play James Bond and Twitter Caught On Fire

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