Black Scientists and Inventors

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Black Scientists and Inventors

Black scientists and inventors have blazed a trail of exploration and innovation from ancient times right up to the present day.

This lens describes Black scientists and inventors from ancient times, as well as historical and modern-day Black scientists and inventors.

It is so important to celebrate Black achievers and role models. Black young people often do not think about careers in the sciences when considering their career options.

Many people of African heritage have made huge contributions to the fields of science and technology, and we can learn from their examples. This lens is a resource for parents, children, schools and colleges.

Imhotep ws an incredibly creative scientist and inventor who lived in ancient Kemet (Egypt). This video describes some of his achievements in the fields of archaeology, engineering and medicine. Imhotep can be considered the father of modern medicine. Such were his contributions that he was revered as a god by the ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) and Greeks.



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  • We Accidentally found that my Uncle Edmund G. Franklin Attented the University of Minnesota circa 1936.
    ‘He was a Physics student, and wound up working on the Manhattan Project. He left Minnesota to live in Ohio, where became a real estate developer. We also dicovered in the alumni history that he left a large endowment (2 million) to the physics dept at U Of M around 2007-09. Uncle Ed never shared his sucess with his Minnesota family.
    I suspect he may have been instumental in helping my Father , Howard M.Sandvik obtain employment at the U of M physics dept, working for the Dean of Physics, Dr Jay Bucta(sp), a job Howard held until he retired.

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