Black People and Education: The Problems Being Faced

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Written by Tinaya Sallie

Education is a vital asset to have if you plan to get ahead in this day and age. It has several roles to play from the start of life, all the way up until the day we leave this earth. Needless to say, some people within various ethnic circles tend to take the value of education for granted. But the black community in particular, is the group being highlighted and they are not making use of this privilege as much as they should.

Mind you, this cannot all be blamed on the lack of initiative because in truth and fact, not every family will be able to afford what it takes from a financial perspective or otherwise to ensure that their children have the opportunity to get a proper education. However, there are a few black individuals who have received the grand opportunity to attend school, in an effort to gain an education and subsequently make things better for themselves, and they have made a mess of it

Several experiments and surveys have been conducted over the years regarding this issue, but it’s something you don’t need and experiment or glasses to see. It is a prominent issue, and it has not always been given enough attention in some cases, while in others, it has been improperly handled, which had led to repercussions in later life both for the individuals and the wider society.

With all that said, as an ethnic community that is not always given the best of what the world has to offer, it is important to keep focused and push through, despite the many obstacles that will be faced along the way.


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