Black Oscar Award Winners

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Written by Tinaya Sallie

In the world of movie making and filming, an Oscar Award is one of, if not the highest honor that can be attained. However despite the number of black people who done over and beyond exceptionally well in their respective films, the list of those who have actually won an Oscar has been limited to only 12 and this has been often questioned by many in the black community. Nevertheless, let’s take the time to look over a few of these winners and appreciate their various contributions to the filming industry.

Hattie McDaniel

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hattie mcdaniel

It was only natural that we began with the trailblazer in this area. Hattie McDaniel was without a doubt a pioneer in her own right and an inspiration for all black women who have ever aspired to be at the top. In the year 1939, McDaniel earned the title of being the first African-American to ever win an Oscar for her role as Mammy in a renowned classic film Gone with the Wind.

Halle Berry

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halle berry

Quite an exceptional person in every sense of the word, not to mention a great actress. Halle Berry won her Oscar in 2002 and became the first actress to win the award for Best Actress for her role as Leticia in the movie Monster’s Ball. That night was indeed a special one for her and for every black woman on global front, as took the time out to pay her respect to black actresses before her who never got the opportunity.

Sidney Poitier

sidney poitier

sidney poitier

With as esteemed actor such as this one, there is really no correct place to begin if you wish to speak on the awards and accolades he has accumulated throughout his lifetime. Coming from very humble beginnings, Poitier has contributed a legacy to the filming industry from acting, to directing and producing. He was the first African-American actor to cop a Best Actor award for the role he played in the 1963 movie Lilies of the Field. In 2002, he returned once more to accept another Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

Denzel Washington

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denzel washington

Just of the selected few as an African-American who have managed to been presented with such an award. Born on the 28th of December 1983, he has made his way up the ranks through many trials and errors. He has been nominated six times and is now the second black man who has won this award twice. His first was in 1990 for Best Supporting Actor in the film Glory, then he returned in 2002 to win another for Best Actor in the film Training Day.

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