An In-depth Video of Muhammad Ali’s Earlier Views on Racial Mixing

Written by Jae Jones

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Muhammad had his views back in the late 60s and early 70s about racial mixing. His views to some people during that time was probably right on! For other people, they probably didn’t like what he had to say at all. However, his views were strong and he was very adamant about keeping blacks with blacks, whites with whites, and any other racial group together. His interviewer in the video was not so keen on that idea; he was ready to mix things up a bit. It is important when viewing the video to think about the time that this interview was given.

Two Alis

people had fought extremely hard to get to the point where they could have some type of equal rights. Most of the Black people in the public eye were given a little respect, but what about the millions of unknown Blacks. Perhaps Muhammad Ali felt the best people to protect and love a person from a specific ethnic group was those of the same group. Regardless of how he felt during that time, Muhammad Ali has had an enormous change of heart. He now has young grandchildren who are of mixed ethnicity and who he loves. You can see the love in his smile and eyes when photographed with them. The greatest thing of all is although he believed and thought a specific way at one time, he was later able to change and show love and compassion to those of all races. Watch the video.

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