Amazing! 19 Month Old Baby Can Easily Read 300 Words

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By Evette D. Champion

For many parent’s, your child’s education is paramount. You want to make sure that your child learns all that they can so that they can excel in life and become a successful and happy adult.

The excitement starts when your baby starting to babble and coo, then their first word comes out.

According to WebMD, a typical 18-month old is able to say 10 simple words and can point to various objects, body parts, and people when you say the word.

There have been some children who learn faster than others, that is a given.

However, this young boy is able to read up to 300 words and can count up to 50!

The mother of the little boy, LaToya Whiteside, recorded her 19-month old son reading cards with words written on them. What is more astounding is that this baby flips the cards over, if needed, so that the words are facing the correct direction.

If you want to give your child a head start in learning, there are activities that you can practice with. You may notice that when you read your child’s favorite stories, they may be able to complete the sentence. You can test them with this the next time you are reading their favorite story, stop in the middle of the sentence and see what happens. If you are looking at a picture book, you can tell her what each of the objects in the picture is.

For example, if you were looking at a picture with a cat laying on the couch, you could say things like, “This is a cat. It is really fluffy,” or “This is a flower. The flower grows in Spring.” Then, you could ask her questions like, “Where is the cat?” or “What grows in Spring?”

Besides vocabulary, you can teach your children motor skills. This means giving them a heavy block to push or pull, giving them a ball to hold and toss back to you, things of that nature. Sure, by giving him/her things to play with  may cause some messes down the road, but he/she is learning about size and weight, how to move things, and perception. Just keep in mind that during their toddler years, they may make messes, but the things they learn will further shape the way they learn when they get older.


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My 19 month old son can read. He knows his ABCS (phonetically and recognizes the letters when written), can count to 50 and reads over 300 words- he reads signs everywhere we go so I’m sure he knows more than even I am aware. EarlyEducator

Posted by LaToya Whiteside on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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