Alabama City Suspends White Supremacist Police Officers

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By Evette D. Champion

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anniston Police Department of Alabama openly hires those who sympathize with neo-Confederates.

The Lieutenant of the department, Josh Doggrell, is credited with founding the League of the South in his area, which he also is the chair.

The League of the South is an organization that promotes white supremacy and urges the southern states to secede from the union and create a Christian theocratic state that is governed by “Anglo-Celtics.” He has been a member of the group since 1995.

Doggrell is not the only high ranking officer who attended the League of the South meeting. Wayne Brown, also a Lieutenant, was in attendance.

In a meeting of the League of the South in 2013, Doggrell informed the group that the people in command of the police force knew about his affiliation with the group, but they also openly agreed with his views.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the League of the South believes in kith and kin, which is an explicit racial ideology known as “kinism”. Kinism calls for “laws against racial intermarriage, an end to non-white immigration, expelling all ‘aliens’ (‘to include all Jews and Arabs’), and restricting the right to vote to white, landholding men over the age of 21.”

Video footage from the meeting in 2013 was posted online by the civil rights group called the Southern Nationalist Network. The group quickly notified the police officials in Anniston, who then passed it along to the city manager, Brian Johnson. According to Johnson, a police officer should not be let go of his duties if he is a member of any hate group.

Although these may be the sentiments of the city manager, Anniston, Alabama residents can be happy to know that both Wayne Brown and Josh Doggrell have been suspended.

In a statement given by an official of the Anniston Police department, there will be an investigation conducted regarding the allegations brought against Doggrell and Brown. The statement also says that the opinion of the two men in question does not reflect the sentiments by the rest of the city or the police department.

David Reddick, a member of the city council, gave a statement where he revealed that he was not aware of the two officer’s affiliations to the white supremacy group prior to the report by the SPLC.

“In a post-Trayvon Martin society it creates a whole new set of challenges, when you have a city that’s over 50 percent minority that has to deal with someone that’s a part of an organization that doesn’t like them because of their identity,” he said.



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