African-Americans Considered Most Religious Group of People in the United States

Written by Jae Jones

African-Americans have always been people. has always been something taught from a very early age. people enjoy attending church, listening to the teachings of their Pastor, and voicing their love for God through song and praise. But, did you know that studies show that although the United States is generally considered a highly religious nation, and what some people view as White America, the African-American group is the more religious group when compared to other racial and ethnic groups?

Black Americans are most likely to report having some type of formal religious affiliation. The numbers show 53% African-Americans belong to one religious group or another. The study was conducted in 2011 by the Gallup Poll. Numbers in previous years have shown Black people with higher numbers of being religious. However, the fact still remains the same, Black Americans are the most religious in the United States. Only 13 percent Black people said they were “nonreligious,” and 34 percent White people were “nonreligious.”

The poll showed that only 39 percent of White Americans said they were religious and affiliated with a church. Believe it or not, Hispanic Americans are the second most religious ethnic group, with 45 percent being religious. Only 22 percent said they were not affiliated with any religious group. The group far less religious than any others are Asian Americans. Only 29 percent said they were “very religious.” The survey is based on Gallup Daily tracking interviews that are conducted from January through May.


Many African-Americans identify themselves as Protestants. In the Black community the Protestant churches are divided into three distinct traditions—mainline Protestant, historically Black Protestant, and the evangelical Protestant. Studies also show that the vast majority of African-Americans belong to the historically Black Protestant Churches, such as African Methodist Episcopal Church or the National Baptist Convention.

However, studies conducted by Pew Forum Religious Survey in previous years show that African-American men are more likely than women to be unaffiliated with any religion (16% vs. 9%). The Black women stand out for their high level of religious commitment. There is no other ethnic group that compares to the African-American community when it comes to religion. Read more.




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