African American Freedom Fighters: Sojourner Truth and Medger Wiley Evers

sojourner truth
Written by Tinaya Sallie

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was a runaway slave who became the symbol for abolition of slavery and the protection of the rights of women in the 1800’s.

The six foot tall woman with her distinct dutch accent and powerful voice, took the world by storm and stood up for the rights of women in a manner that defied the tenets of society at the time.

Born Isabella Baumfree, she changed her name after escaping slavery in 1826 with her infant daughter. A year later, when the emancipation act was passed, she set out to live a life of evangelism, abolition of slavery and the protection of the rights and lives of women.

sojourner truth

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Sojourner was famous for a lot of things, but perhaps her most powerful legacies will be her victory in court over a white man, and her famous speech “Ain’t I a woman?”.

Her tireless efforts to see the slavery abolished and for the rights of women, has kept her name on the lips of freedom fighter for centuries after her demise.

In 2014, she was name one of the 100 most significant Americans of all time.

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sojourner truth face

Medger Wiley Evers

Medger Evers was a world war II veteran who dedicated his short but eventful life to the fight against segregation and social injustice. His brave fight is part of the reason black people can vote and attend the same schools with white people today.

After an honorable discharge from the army, he returned home to live normal life with his family but became an activist and eventually the first field secretary the NAACP in Mississippi. The nature of his job made him a lot of enemies and several attempts were made on his life and that of his family. In 1963, two attempts at assassinating failed. But his enemies kept on trying and on the 23rd of June 1963, he was shot in the back outside his home and died a few hours later in the hospital

medgar wiler evers photo

medgar wiley evers

He will be forever remembered for his role in the desegregation of “Ole Miss” and the economic boycotts of white-owned companies that practiced discrimination.


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