97 Year Old Woman Who’s Been Raising Money For Kids Who Can’t Afford School Field Trips, Goes On Her First Field Trip Ever

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Vivian Bailey has been all around the world and seen a bit of everything in her 97 years.  But she keeps coming back to the peaceful bench that was dedicated to her outside the main entrance to Running Brook Elementary School in Columbia.

Principal Troy Todd considers Ms. Bailey the school’s guardian angel.

“When people say ‘How many children do you have?’ with a straight face I say ‘300 and something,’” said Bailey.

For the past 15 years or so, she has been raising money for the children at the school to go on field trips.

“Because the children out on the western part of the county where we have all these millionaires, they get these fabulous field trips. The parents of these children don’t have that type of money and I’m just determined that our children get the advantage of field trips,” said Bailey.

That’s because she never got to take any field trips when she was a child.

“I grew up in segregation in Tulsa, Oklahoma– and then I went in the Army and we were segregated in the Army also,” Bailey said.  “And we had marvelous, marvelous teachers, but we didn’t have field trips. Now, whether the white students had them or not I don’t know.”

And so a recent outing to Washington, D.C. with a group of fourth graders was a pretty big deal.  It was the first field trip this lover of education and children had ever taken.

She had been to the U.S. Capitol, but never to the National Museum of American History.

“At any age you can learn and have new experiences, so to me this was a very rewarding one,” said Bailey.

And so what’s next for her?

“I’d love to go to the White House, wouldn’t you?” she said.

They’re already planning Bailey’s next field trip.

Original Article Found At MyFoxDC.com — http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/28954293/field-trip

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