5 Amazingly Powerful Black Superheroes That Are Female

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By Evette D. Champion

Move over Mystique and step aside Wonder Woman, here are 5 female superheroes that need to be recognized for their awesomeness.


Vixen has the ability to channel the Earth’s morphogenetic field, which allows her to copy the abilities of any particular animal when she focuses on their specific ability. When she uses her Tantu Totem, she is able to control her powers.

Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel, also known as Monica Rambeau, has the ability to take the form of any kind of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. These include cosmic rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet radiation, electricity, X-rays, and even visible light. Many of her forms make her invisible and intangible, but she also has the ability to project the form of energy while in her human form.


Nu’bia was originally intended to be a twin to Wonder Woman when she was created out of black clay. She uses a magical sword that was created by the Greek God, Mars, who wanted to destroy Wonder Woman. In 1999, Nu’bia was redesigned as an Amazon warrior with incredible powers such as immortality, superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and incredible intellect.


Jet, or Celia Winward in her everyday life, lived in Great Britain when she was recruited by the guardians of the universe. When she is in her superhero form, she has the ability to use electromagnetic waves, as well as absorb them. She can also fly, create forceful blasts of heat, and even generate an electromagnetic pulse. Using the electromagnetic energy, she can also bend metal, create fiery blasts of electricity, as well as see other kinds of light like ultraviolet and infrared.


As the oldest child of the ruling family of Xanshi, Yrra Cynril was trained by the Warlords of Okaara. She has superhuman strength, speed, enhanced reflexes, stamina and incredible endurance. She also is a master of all types of combat and is able to use a plethora of weapons. She also has a pair of boots with jets on them which allows her to fly.

These are just some of the incredible black female superheroes that have been created. Some others include Crimson Avenger who takes vengeance on criminals, thanks to her ability to teleport and intangibility. You have Thunder, who has the ability to manipulate density by increasing her body mass while maintaining normal volume, making her nearly impossible to move and very hard to hurt. Then of course we have Storm, the X-Man who has complete control over the weather.

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