3 Lies We Were Taught In School About The Founding Of America

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If anyone were to be asked questions about the history of America, they would probably answer with what they were taught in school about the founding of this country and what all took place.

Although the history books have taught many about the founding of America, there is proof that some of what people have been believing for years is just a myth. Not everything is a lie, but there are some things people ought to know about the history of America that may shock them.

Here are three myths about the founding of America that many people have believed.

Slavery began in 1619

When people learn about the history of slavery in school, they are often told that it began in 1619 when the Dutch brought the first Africans to Virginia. While this is what many have been led to believe it is actually a myth. The Dictionary of North Carolina Biography has presented evidence that slavery began long before the Dutch brought African to America.

Slavery actually got its start in 1523 in South Carolina where there was once a Spanish settlement. This is 93 years before Africans were brought to Virginia. This settlement was known as San Miquel de Guadalupe and house 100 African slaves. The settlement only last about three months before disease and a revolt by the Africans caused its demise.

America started with 13 colonies

The history books have also taught many that there were thirteen original colonies, but this too is a myth. Instead of there being 13, there were actually twelve because Delaware was not counted as a separate colony.

Proof of this can be found on, where it states that Delaware was considered part of Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. After it William Penn claimed ownership of Delaware, it was part of Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until after the War of Independence that it became its own colony.

Native Americans scalped their victims

Native Americans were known as savages would scalp their victims, but that is juts a myth. It was actually Europeans who carried out the practice of scalping their victims more than Native Americans did. In fact, it has been found that scalping goes back to ancient Greece.

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